Stellar Holdings

Bright Ideas. Better Communities.


We approach every investment and project with the same goal in mind: create long-term innovative and socially connected communities through environmentally responsible design, placemaking and social initiative. By combining local knowledge with an international perspective, Stellar is able to identify gaps in underserved markets that allow us to create and capitalize on niche opportunities. A fundamental component of our success is our research-based methodology, which begins with a broad macro analysis of economic, political, and demographic trends, and then targets those opportunities often missed by larger institutional investors.


We believe that every project must meet the triple bottom line - economic, social, and environmental. Our primary focus is creating a live / work / play / interact environment where our tenants and commercial customers feel and understand our commitment to the environment. Often well located to transit, we carefully consider how each project we invest in will affect surrounding residents and businesses, and the greater urban fabric. As a result, we have reduced energy consumption in a majority of our buildings by over 30%, we have developed proprietary systems for the movement and conservation of heat and energy, we educate our communities on environmentally conscious habits and we were the first LEED Silver Certified Neighborhood Development recipient in Washington.


Stellar has proven to be a proactive, innovation-focused business centered around technology, creative partnerships, and forward thinking projects. We’re developing affordable, energy-efficient rental apartments that also meet the high design standards set forth by the local communities and cities. Our company in Sweden, operating under the trade name ByggVesta, has developed a “passive” heat exchange system called Egenvärmehus™. ByggVesta led the charge in the greater Stockholm area driving the energy standards and resulting in a benchmark that was half of the previous standard in terms of energy consumption. This has led to winning multiple Developer of the Year awards and the designation by the City of Stockholm as an Anchor Builder. To Stellar, innovation and sustainability is not a goal to be achieved, but a mindset that pushes us to constantly improve and evolve. Better Communities through Better Ideas.