Stellar takes its mission to heart by being a long-term value-added developer and investor with a strong commitment to the social and environmental sustainability of the communities in which we live and work. With core values in sustainability and human connection, Stellar has the foresight to invest in contrary market trends, focusing on niche opportunities and creative partnerships. These partnerships often span social, municipal and economic purpose. 


We place a premium on producing highly sustainable, affordable long-term community assets. Our teams in the US and Europe are diligent in finding: opportunities well located to transit, production techniques that reduce environmental impact and building systems that result in more energy efficient operations. Those perspectives are shared on a global basis to ensure that we bring best practices to the creation and operation of all of our global investments.


A family owned and operated enterprise since 1989, Stellar has seen value where others have perceived risk. Like true Seattleites, we do things a little different. Through careful macro and micro economic analysis, combined with going the extra mile regarding social and human interaction, Stellar has amassed a portfolio of assets and planned projects that will have positive placemaking impact to the communities it serves. We build to own, and that purpose ensures we create communities we are proud to represent.


In addition to our developments in the Pacific Northwest, Stellar is one of the leading real estate developers and investors in Sweden since 1993 through our company, ByggVesta. ByggVesta is one of the premier developers and owners of affordable for-rent housing in the major metropolitan areas of Sweden. With a constant determination around sustainability and transit oriented development, ByggVesta is a four-time winner of the Swedish Developer of the Year Award and has been named an Anchor Builder by the City of Stockholm.

Bright Ideas. Better Communities.